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We produce solutions for you to safely carry your outdoor living spaces to the future with the glass and glazing systems. You feel safe and strong inside your home. Don’t you? Would you like experience this feeling in your outer living space as well? Who would not want to safely extend a family garden breakfast, until dinner in the warm spring months? With the power and magnificence of our Retractable Awning,  Louver and Sunroom Systems with guillotine glass, sliding glass door & glazing systems.

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Sunroom with sliding glass doors


This product fully glazed sliding door is based on an extremely compact and lightweight aluminum profile system for the acceptance of
extensive glass elements. The system is deliverable with 2, 3, 4 or 5 tracks. The single panels run on ball-bearing rollers and are equipped
with carriers, which automatically pull the next panel during the
closing operation. The locking is usually carried out with the locking fitting on internal glass automatically.

All movable panels are equipped with height adjustable quality
rollers at the bottom and can therefore easily be moved into the desired

All panels in this construction are separately movable. First panel can be equipped with a lock from three spots.

This system usable for Sunroom, Louver and Pergola on your backyard patio. Also on your Balcony.


Our Vertiflex Automatic Guillotine Glazing System is a remote-controlled, vertical sliding, motorized, chained, movable handrail glazing system. The system can be used as a guillotine window in residental house, hotel, cafe, restaurant, balcony, stadium and marine Glazing, etc.

Our Guillotine systems are complementary in terms of both design and functionality, specially designed for use in our pergola products.  

Vertiflex All-Clean is the guillotine system moved with the remote control. In addition to the remote control, the system can also be controlled from smartphones compatible with IOS and Android

Red Dot Awarded System
Thanks to its unique and patented design, Vertfilex All-Clean is awarded by Red Dot Product Design Award 2021. It’s honour that our unique design deserves the most prestigious award of Europe! 

Vertiflex AII-Clean has its unique cleaning mechanism. in this system, outer panel is positioned approximately 8″ above. The inmost and midmost panels open inwards with the help of Pergola Room’s patented movable glass panel system. Thus, the system can not only be easily cleaned but also be applied to high rise buildings with no concern! Vertiflex A/1-Clean is deemed worthy the Reci Oot Product Oesign Award thanks to this unique designı

Vertiflex Mono/Twin is a guillotine system that provides both glass options. it is possible to increase the insulation levelby using this system. Besides, Pergola Room guarantees no damage in this system with a specially designed Hand-Safe Profile.

Vertiflex Up has a particular anti-falling brake mechanism, unlike similar guillotine systems. There is no doubt that the control mechanism is strenghten to prevent the glass panels from falling. Additionally, Vertiflex Up shouldstop at any height as the principle of the systemworking on for stacking on the top. Thus, Pergola Room added the censoring mechanism to Vertiflex Up to stay wherever you prefer.

Vertiflex AII-Glass has been designed to provide the full panoramic view owing to its frameless outlook. Therefore, it’s easy to enjoy the view with two wide and frameless panels.

Motorized Retractable Pergola Awning Roof with Guillotine Glass Sides

The engine box at the top of the system opens and closes the system by means of steel chains and gears. 

Our Guillotine glass systems are well ahead of other systems with the unique balance option reaching up to “3,5 cm” on sloping floors.  

Each chain in the two-chain system has a carrying capacity of 1800 kg. You may request this system for Sunroom, Louver, Pergola on your backyard patio.

Application Types


Revolution in Adjustable Glass Railing Systems.

C70 system provides glass alignment in aluminium base shoe channel profile. Glass alignment is done from inside the railing. C70 Adjustable Glass Railing System allows glass angle adjustment at 43″ height to compensate for uneven substrates or angular variations between glass lites. This results in spans of glass that are perfectly plumb and aligned at the top glass edge, even if the base shoe sections are not even. It is designed for use with 0.3″ + 0.06″ + 0.3″ laminated tempered glass

  • Material: Aluminium
  • Installation Type: 5.9″ & 11.8″ Base Shoes / Full Length Aluminium Profile
  • Mounting Type: Top mount glass balustrade
  • Cladding Option: Anodized / RAL Powder coated
  • Glass Thickness: 0.3″ + 0.3″ compatible Glass Adjustable
Pergola Room Railing Systems Accessories
Pergola Room Railing Systems Accessories

Top Rail Profiles

As a mother of two, when I am not around with the kids, I know that they are safe because precautions have already been taken to small accidents like hand-safe profile!!!! So I feel safe and secure with the VertiFlex, and also installation team was super helpful. Thank you for everything. Company is more than a glazing system you could have bought with money!!!

Diana Connell

I want to say that I am mesmerized by this product's flexibility. I mean, you can enjoy the winter without feeling cold, you can enjoy the summer without sweating. Noticeably, isolation is at its best level, also if you can't stand the noise, here is the only solution that deserves to be paid, no sound from outside at all!!!!

Chris Odediran


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