Motorized Louver Pergola

Retractable Pergola

Why Should I Buy A Louver System?

Louver systems are high-end aluminum structure, functional, ergonomic and advanced technological motorized systems. Louvered roof systems can be used with sliding glass door, screen and guillotine glass on sides.

  • Louver doesn’t closed and seems to have an almost “unfinished” look depending on how you look, as it has a more minimal structure.
  • Your ordinary garden variety louver is quite large in size, wide and rectangular both vertically and horizontally. The lower area defined by the louver opens the door to many possibilities.
  • Visually, motorized louvers are usually large enough to be striking when people see them, they visually attract their attention, and can be produced aesthetically in many different designs and colors.
  • Each product which has advangates is beatiful. Aluminum louvers; It is a real structural solution for sound insulation and protection against theft, as well as weather protection and thermal insulation. In summary, with aluminum louvers, thermal insulation can be increased up to 25% in winter. Solar radiation is completely eliminated by aluminum louvers.
  • Aluminum louvers reduce outside noise up to 10 decibels.The louver has a wide impact depending on its characteristics, structure and how the installation is used.The louver has a wide impact depending on its characteristics, structure and how the installation is used.The most effective solution is aluminum louvers. Because aluminum is the best metal as light but at the same time strong products-materials for building materials exposed to daily influences.

The traditional wooden pergola is a garden feature that has been solely designed for summer purposes. Even it is unable to be flexible for your needs. if you are looking for a simple summer solution then this is a cost-effective viable option. What if we told you you can get more from a Modern Louvered Roof Systems? A Louver with an automated roof that you can control.

The louver is a long term investment that will transform your living space and your lifestyle. Its automated watertight louvered roof combined with integrated weatherproof side screens means that you can essentially create a whole new external living space that can be used all year round, not just for summer.


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Motorized Louver Roof

Louver With Zip Screen

Louver With Zip Screen, our screens are usable four seasons, also comes motorised by remote controller.

Pergola Room Motorized Louver With Sliding Door

Louver With Sliding Door

Louver system sides can provide with sliding doors, this is your chooise.